Weather in Scotland in June

The weather in Scotland in June is normally pretty pleasant. Daytime temperatures can vary from around 14 degrees celsius to 20 degrees celsius. Nighttime temperatures will dip to 6-10 degrees. There is rarely a frost in June. Historically if you take a holiday in Scotland in June you’re probably in with one of the best opportunities of good weather.

Weather in Scotland in JuneRainfall

It can rain at any time of the year, and June is no different, but June is known for long periods of settled high pressure leading to clear skies and sunshine. We’d still advise you take a light waterproof jacket if you are visiting in June.

If there is rain around then the further west you are, the more likely you will be to see rain.

East coast

Even if the rest of the country is basking under warm weather, the east coast of the country can often be plagued by cool onshore breezes. There is also a thick fog known locally as haar that can roll in off the North Sea and take temperatures in east coast locations down by around 10 degrees celsius.

Snow in June

Although rare, Snow in June has been known, primarily high in the Cairngorm mountains, Ben Nevis and some of the other high peaks around the country. If it does lie, it rarely lasts for long.

Midges in June

If you are in the Highlands and Islands in June you can expect there to be some midges. They don’t reach peak ferocity until later in the summer but they can still be a nuisance to it’s worth packing some midge repellent if you’re planning to be out of doors, especially early in the morning or in the evening. You can check a midge forecast before you arrive.

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