Tipping in Scotland

Tipping in Scotland has not always been as widespread as it is today, but there are plenty of people in the service industry who work so hard that tipping should be a lot more widespread.

Tipping in Restaurants

It is customary to tip in restaurants unless you are unhappy with the service. Where possible restaurant staff seem to prefer their tips in cash rather than added to a card payment on the bill. Aim for at least 10%-15% of the bill, and always on the larger side if you are part of a big group.

Tipping in Pubs in Scotland

Along with restaurants, if you’ve ordered food in a pub, you should leave a tip of at least 10%. If you are only in for a drink, a tip with every order is not necessary but it is good practise to offer the bartender “one for yourself” at some point during your visit and allow them to take the cost of a drink out of your payment.

Tipping in Cafes

Tips are always welcome in cafes even if you are just having a drink.

Taxi Tips

When taking a taxi in Scotland a tip of around 10% is welcome.

Elsewhere, tipping is generally at your discretion. Do remember though that if you have received great service, a tip is rarely considered bad form. Many staff in the service industries receive minimum wage and your tip might just make all the difference to them.