Things To Do In Macduff

Macduff is a small town on the Banffshire coast neighbouring the town of Banff. Macduff has a population of around 3500 and is separated from Banff by around a mile and a bridge over the River Deveron.

Things to do in Macduff:

  • Visit Macduff Marine Aquarium
  • Go to Macduff harbour for a look at the boats and see Macduff Shipyards, one of the few remaining shipyards in the country
  • Play golf at Royal Tarlair Golf Club
  • Take a walk up Doune Hill for a view over the town from the Temple of Venus (Macduff was previously known as Doune before it’s name was changed in 1783)

Hotels in Macduff

Hotel in Macduff

This hotel in Macduff overlooks the busy harbour and has 42 rooms. Has restaurant and lounge.

Hotel near Macduff

Just over the River in Banff you’ll find the Fife Lodge Hotel, a 9 room 3 star hotel with bar and restaurant.


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