Things to do in Lossiemouth

Lossiemouth is a town of around 7000 people on the Moray coast at the mouth of the River Lossie (strangely enough!). It is widely known for it’s RAF base and that does indeed have a large presence in the area but being coastal and having a large harbour attracts sea lovers to the town too.

Things to do in Lossiemouth:

  • Have a look at the boats in the Marina
  • Visit the Lossiemouth Fisheries Museum
  • Play Golf at Moray Golf Club
  • Go for a dip at Lossiemouth Pool
  • Catch a show at the Warehouse Theatre
  • Great fish and chips at the chippy!

Hotels in Lossiemouth

Hotel in Lossiemouth

A beautiful hotel in the heart of Lossiemouth and just 5 minutes walk from georgeous beaches. This is a three star hotel with 46 rooms.

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