Things To Do In Comrie

The Perthshire village of Comrie is a beautiful village right on the edge of Highland Perthshire. The village is know as the Shaky Toon due to it’s position on the Highland Boundary Fault and regular earthquakes that can be sensed by seizmology equipment in the village.

The population of around 2,000 show great community spirit with regular events throughout the year being well attended by locals. The Comrie Community Trust is very active in helping improve the village.

Where To Stay

Things to Do in Comrie

The Royal Hotel – The Royal is right in the heart of the village and has a good restaurant and pub.

Comrie Croft – This is a hostel and campsite run in an eco-friendly way and people love it. The croft is a peaceful location outside Comrie but they have group accommodation right in the middle of the village too.

There are plenty of places to stay in Crieff if Comrie’s accommodation providers are full.

Things To Do

Earthquake House

Earthquake House is an odd little building standing in a field on the west site of the village over the Ross bridge. Comrie’s proximity to the Highland boundary fault means it is ideally placed to feel the shocks of earthquakes that occur around the world. There are


Auchingarrich is a wildlife park situated just to the south of Comrie. It is a great family day out with the kids. They have a real mix of animals from farm animals to native Scottish animals to exotics from far away climates.

Comrie Golf club

Comrie Golf Club is in a fabulous location close to the town. It is a 9 hole course but well worth a visit. Visitors are welcome.

Deil’s Cauldron, Mellville Monument & GlenLednock Circular Walk

This is a walk of around 4-5 miles taking in some amazing scenery including a river gorge, waterfalls, a stunning monument and some forests. It’s a fairly strenuous walk but worth the effort.

Mountain Biking

While there are stunning places to bike all around Strathearn, Comrie Croft just outside Comrie has built a several miles of cracking mountain bike trails and a skills park. The Croft hosts the Hairy Coo mountain bike race each year, a race that has a growing number of fans with each year that passes.

Munro Bagging

Behind Comrie, Ben Chonzie provides a pleasant hillwalk. While not the most notable of the Munros, Ben Chonzie has a large population of mountain hares that turn white in the winter.


Being a small village, Comrie doesn’t have a lot of shops but there are a few. Hansen’s Kitchen is an excellent deli and worth a visit. Comrie Cancer Shop is known for high quality products and having raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for cancer charities.


Comrie Fortnight in Float Parade

Comrie Fortnight runs every July and encompasses all manner of cultural and fun activities including the famous Float Parade. It seems as if the whole village turns out on float parade day and it’s a great party amosphere.

The Flambeaux

At the other end of the year, Comrie’s Hogmanay is topped off with the Flambeaux. This is a spectacle where the stongest young men of the village carry massive flaming torches around the old boundary of the village at midnight. They are followed around by huge crowds then finally the flames are extinguished in the traditional manner.

There are a number of other events that happen at times throughout the year, check local message boards or Comrie Online for more info.

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