Shopping in Scotland

Some of the best of Scottish products and shopping in Scotland. These are some of the great Scottish products you should look out for when shopping in Scotland.

Kilts, Highland Dress and Kilt Hire
The kilt is the traditional dress for men in Scotland and the tartan kilt is very popular around the world as one of the symbols of Scotland. It is a complicated matter getting the perfect kilt outfit, and we’re here to help.

Scottish Jewellery
Some of the Jewellery coming out of Scotland just now is unparalleled in quality and design. Scottish Jewellers are innovative and produce high quality individual pieces, but often manage to incorporate a degree of history, or the landscape into each piece of Scottish jewellery they create.

Scottish Brooch

Scottish Cashmere
Scottish cashmere knitwear is renowned around the world as the finest you can buy and with great names like Pringle and Hodgson producing cashmere in Scotland, it is not surprising.

Scottish Food
Why go anywhere else when the world’s best larder is here in Scotland. Top quality produce is available all over the country, from fabulous seafood to great cheeses, meats and confectionery.

Scottish Outdoors Products
With a country as beautiful as ours, it’s no wonder we like to get outdoors to enjoy it. Scotland has some great companies selling outdoors gear for walkers, fishermen, camping and other outdoors sports.

Scottish Arts and Crafts
We are a nation of artists and craftsmen at heart and the quality of some of the art and craft creations is fantastic. It is possible to get cheap art in Scotland if you search around.

Where to Shop in Scotland
Glasgow city centre is widely regarded as the second best shopping area in the UK after London, whilst Edinburgh is close on it’s heels. All the designer brands are available in both cities but there are surprising finds all over the country. Just one is Harrods at the Falls of Shin in Ross-shire – not where you’d expect to find it (and they do a mean banoffee pie). Elsewhere in Scotland there are some great place to stop and do some shopping.