Kilts and Kilt Hire in Scotland

It’s official, kilts rock. The kilt is the national dress of Scotland and is at it’s most popular in years. Everyone who’s anyone is looking for Scottish roots in their family so they can don a kilt and be seen in it. For us mere mortals, the kilt is the perfect all-round outfit. Wear a kilt as evening wear, wear it to a wedding, wear it to a funeral. Go to the rugby game in your kilt, or just about any function you could name.

Kilt Shops in Scotland

Donaldsons of Crieff – Scottish apparel and accessories by post

The Kilt Shop
Kiltmakers and Highland Dress Outfitters, in Galashiels, Scotland.

The Kilt Store
Edinburgh based company offering purchase or hire of Highland and morning wear. Includes instructions on how to tie a Ghille Brogue.
e-Kilts manufacture our own range of top quality Kilts and Highland Dress, using the finest quality materials and hand sewing threads.

Hector Russell Kiltmaker
Traditional Scottish kilt and highland dress maker. Our hand made kilts are made to measure from the very best quality Scottish tartan.

Kilt Hire in Scotland
Almost every town in Scotland has a kilt hire shop, so there are loads more than are listed here, but have a look at these ones anyway.

Scottish Highland Dress Kilt Hire Rental and Maker UK
Kilt makers by tradition, we hire Highland dress for weddings and formal occasions, produce kilts, tartan plaid, and supply a range of accessories.

The Kilt Store Scottish Kilt Hire
Made to measure Scottish Kilts, Tartan kilts, Morning Dress and accessories for hire and sale World Wide.

Kilt Accessories
Sporrans, brogues, hose, kilt pins, belts, sgian dubh’s etc can all be purchased from the kilt shops above, or you can go to jewellers, sporran makers, leather workers, cobblers etc for that truly direct service.