Cashmere Shops in Scotland

Pure Scottish cashmere has to be one of the finest clothing materials you can buy. The feel of pure Scottish Cashmere against the skin just oozes luxury. Scottish cashmere sweaters have been manufactured across the country for years and the quality of cashmere clothing coming from Scotland is second to none.

Cashmere Manufacturers in Scotland

Pringle Cashmere
Probably one of the best known Scottish Cashmere brands, Pringle is renowned for it’s ties with golf apparel, but is also a manufacturer of extremely high quality Cashmere knitwear without their well-known logo.

N Peal Cashmere
N Peal Cashmere is known among cashmere lovers as one of the best brands of cashmere knitwear you can buy, anywhere.

Hodgson Cashmere
Sadly Hodgson cashmere no longer seems to be available unless you are willing to trawl through ebay for it. Hodgson came from Hawick in the Scottish Borders. Hodgson Cashmere was a sought-after brand of fine cashmere knitwear.

Cashmere shops in Scotland

There was a time when every high street in Scotland contained a supplier of good quality Scottish Cashmere. It’s no longer the case and though you can find Cashmere products in many shops, the real high quality stuff is less easy to find. Here are a few of the places we would look.

House of Bruar
Bruar is found a few miles north of Pitlochry on the side of the A9. Not only will you find great cashmere here, but it is one of the best places in Scotland to find any number of high quality Scottish products. There is a superb deli and cafe here too.

Normally famous for their food, Baxters have a number of beautifully laid out shops around the country. The one at Blackford has some very nice cashmere products.

Jenners of Edinburgh
This is probably the best known department store in Scotland. Sitting on Princess St in Edinburgh a visit to this institution is one of the great things to do in Edinburgh. Shop for cashmere and any number of other great Scottish products.