See Salmon Leaping at Buchanty Spout

One of the most amazing sights a visitor can see when visiting Scotland is to see salmon throwing themselves at waterfalls in a desperate attempt to reach their spawning grounds at the head of a river.

There are quite a few locations to see salmon leaping in Scotland but one of the best is Buchanty Spout near Crieff in Perthshire.

I took this video in November 2011 and as you can see, the fish are coming hard and fast. On the day of filming, a local man told us we would be unlikely to see many fish as the water level was so high. Apparently the fish line up in the pool below the waterfall, each waiting to take it’s turn.

To get to Buchanty Spout, take the road to Dunkeld from Crieff, then turn down the Glen Almond turnoff just before the Sma Glen. Buchanty is just a mile or two down this small road. There is an area to park the car on the junction, then a signposted path from the bridge takes you the 100m down to the spout.

Please note, it can be very muddy and slippy around the waterfall. There are no safety barriers so please take care and if you are visiting with children hang on to them VERY tight!

Map showing location of Buchanty spout:

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