Skiing in Scotland

Skiing in Scotland
Photo by D_Dunnock

Skiing Holidays in Scotland

Skiing in Scotland is rising in popularity again as it is an excellent location to take a ski holiday. Scotland has 5 great ski resorts and in recent years there has been superb winter conditions, in many cases beating some Alpine ski areas for snowfall and coverage.

Scotland has some fine ski areas and when the snow is here, there are plenty people take skiing holidays in Scotland. Read more

5 Great Things to do in Edinburgh

1. Visit Edinburgh Castle

If you’ve never seen it, Edinburgh Castle is one of the finest castles in the world, and is truly one of the best things to do in Edinburgh. Sitting at the highest point in the old town Edinburgh castle has lorded it over the city for hundreds of years. Walk up the Royal Mile (High St) to soak up the feeling of history as you approach the castle. Read more

Drovers Tryst – Crieff Walking Festival

Crieff & Strathearn Drovers TrystAt the time of writing, it’s only a week to go now until the start of the Crieff & Strathearn Drovers Tryst – the walking festival around Crieff and Strathearn. This year’s Tryst runs from the 8th-15th October 2011.

The Tryst is now 10 years old but is celebrating the drovers who converged on Crieff with their cattle for hundreds of years in days gone by. Read more

Midges in Scotland – Keep Midges at Bay

Midge Country - Calgary Beach on MullIf you are planning to venture into the Highlands of Scotland between May and the start of September you have a good chance of experiencing midges. These are tiny little biting insects that leave most people feeling rather itchy. The severity can vary widely with some people only finding them to be a minor annoyance to others who are attacked by huge swarms of midges finding that their holiday has been ruined by them. To really experience them at their worst, go out on a mild, wind-free evening on the west coast and sit in one place. They will find you and once a few have started on you more will follow until they become unbearable. Read more