Kilts and Kilt Hire in Scotland

It’s official, kilts rock. The kilt is the national dress of Scotland and is at it’s most popular in years. Everyone who’s anyone is looking for Scottish roots in their family so they can don a kilt and be seen in it. For us mere mortals, the kilt is the perfect all-round outfit. Wear a kilt as evening wear, wear it to a wedding, wear it to a funeral. Go to the rugby game in your kilt, or just about any function you could name. Read more

Outdoors Shops

With the large expanse of mountain, moor and water that is the Scottish Highlands on our doorstep, it is no surprise that the outdoors industry in Scotland is flourishing. There are a number of world class outdoors gear manufacturers producing top quality products, and any number of outdoors shops selling hillwalking, fishing, canoeing or other outdoors gear. Read more

Scottish Food

Scottish food is fantastic. We have one of the freshest larders in the world all around us and a climate that gives and abundance of top quality ingredients. Scottish food is being recognised more and more as some of the finest in the world, and whether you like game, beef, soft fruit, organic vegetables, dairy and cheese or seafood, you’ll find the best in Scotland. Read more