Coach Holidays in Scotland

If you’re considering a coach holiday in Scotland you’re in good company. There are over 360,000 people who take a coach holiday in Scotland every year spending 1.5 million nights in Scottish hotel rooms while on their tours. Recent years has seen growth areas in the 18-24 age range, spurred along by specialist coach tour companies targeting the younger backpacking crowd. Many coach tourists are more mature however and this still accounts for the largest market within the sector.

Scone Palace - Coach Holiday Scotland Attraction

Where you can go on a coach holiday

There are coach holidays operating everywhere from Dumfries & Galloway to Shetland and everywhere in between. Popular tours will do a circuit from Edinburgh up the A9 to Inverness and Loch Ness before heading south-west to Fort William, Glencoe and back to the Edinburgh. A large number of trips will takeĀ  visitors to Skye and the north-west Highlands of Scotland.

When do these holidays run?

Coach holidays in Scotland operate year-round. There are definitely more in summer, but tourism in Scotland is a business that runs throughout the year and tours operate all the time. You may want to avoid taking a tour during the limited daylight hours of November, December and January but equally, those can be the best times to see snow covered mountains.

Where can you take a coach holiday from?

If you are a visitor from outside of the country you’ll probably join a coach holiday in Edinburgh or Glasgow before heading out into the countryside.

If you live elsewhere in the UK you may join a travelling coach holiday with one of the big operators in your own town or via coach transfer to one of the main departure points.

Coach Holidays in Scotland

Where do you stay?

Many coach holidays with large operators have dedicated hotels around Scotland. These tend to be lovely, but large hotels that often do not accept walk-in guests and only provide hotel rooms for people on the coach holidays.

Other operators will have agreements with smaller and independant hotels around the country.

The youth-orientated coach holiday operators may have deals with independent hostels, lodges and self-catering establishments to keep costs down for the visitors.

Who are the main providers of Coach Holidays in Scotland?

There are many other tour operators also available.

* Coach photo by CC from Flickr by didbygraham