Edinburgh Christmas Markets 2011

Edinburgh Christmas LightsEdinburgh Christmas Market Photo by John 1710

Take your Christmas shopping away from the chain stores and out of town shopping malls and visit Edinburgh to spend some time this Christmas in one of the Edinburgh Christmas markets that run right through the festive season.

From the farmers market to the traditional German market, there is something to keep everyone happy and put you in the festive spirit. Read more

Romantic Cottages in Scotland

When it comes to romantic cottages Scotland has a lot to offer. Simply visiting the Highlands can be romantic enough but add in a cosy cottage just big enough for two people hidden away near a beach or tucked in a forest with a view to the mountains and you add a bit more romance to your break. Your idea of a romantic cottage might include a roaring wood fire, or a sea view. Perhaps you’d like to take your partner to an island or just to a romantic cottage near a good restaurant and pub. We’ve got loads of all of them. Read more

Midges in Scotland – Keep Midges at Bay

Midge Country - Calgary Beach on MullIf you are planning to venture into the Highlands of Scotland between May and the start of September you have a good chance of experiencing midges. These are tiny little biting insects that leave most people feeling rather itchy. The severity can vary widely with some people only finding them to be a minor annoyance to others who are attacked by huge swarms of midges finding that their holiday has been ruined by them. To really experience them at their worst, go out on a mild, wind-free evening on the west coast and sit in one place. They will find you and once a few have started on you more will follow until they become unbearable. Read more