New Year Breaks

New Year HolidaysWhen it comes to New Year, nobody really does it as well as Scotland and if you find yourself here over New Year on a break, you should experience a party atmosphere wherever you are.

New Year in Scotland centers round Hogmanay – or New Year’s Eve but festivities abound for days before and after.

Some of the places renound in Scotland for New Year festivities include:

Edinburgh – where the party goes on for 4 days with a massive street party on Hogmanay
Glasgow – where a large party in George Square sees out the old year. Only til 10pm though. For 2011-2012 there is no new year party over the bells.
, Perthshire – where the Flambeaux is a traditional way to chase away bad spirits for the New Year
Stonehaven – Similar to Comrie but with giant flaming balls being swung about.
Orkney – which has possibly the world’s biggest competitive ball game on New Year’s day

There are events in all the major cities and most towns as well. Wherever you find yourself for your New Year break in Scotland you won’t be far from the festivities.

Many hotels offer New Year breaks in Scotland at fixed rates for a 3 or 4 night stay. This typically includes all meals and entrance to a private party on hogmanay. Some hotels include extras like entertainment on every night and fireworks at the stroke of midnight.

You may also find self catering accommodation for a New Year break. Some cottages and apartments require you to book for a week long break at new year, others will have a minimum stay of around 3 or 4 nights.

Note that staying in a hotel or in self catering accommodation for a New Year break in Scotland, you will be likely to pay peak rates. Scotland really fills up with visitors for these few days and prices will be the same as they are at their highest in summer. Prices tend to drop off again the week after New Year.

A good way to cut the cost of a New Year break in Scotland is to visit with a number of friends and take a large self catering cottage or apartment and split the cost between all of you.

Whatever you decide to do, have a great Hogmanay!