Farm Holidays in Scotland

Farm HolidaysFancy a holiday that is maybe a little different? Why not try a farm holiday in Scotland?

Farm holidays can suit a variety of people but are often best suited to people wanting a break away from the rat-race and for families with children.

A farm holiday in Scotland can comprise something as straight-forward as renting a self-catering cottage that happens to be on a farm right through to a holiday where you can take part in farm activities and help out with the farm labour.

The thought of taking a week-long break on a working farm might not appeal to everyone but if you are aiming to get back to basics and enjoy real country life, escaping to a place where you can watch food production at it’s most basic level and roam the fields and lanes taking in the whole process can be very rewarding. It’s a long way from Tesco’s anyway.

Similarly, families with young children might really enjoy being able to show the kids where their food comes from – not the polythene containers, but the animals, cereals, fruit and vegetables in their normal environment.

A farm holiday might not appeal to you if you want long lazy and more importantly quiet mornings. Farm work starts early and depending on the location of your cottage, being wakened by tractors, milking machines or other farm machinery is quite likely unless you are a very deep sleeper.

Staying with a family on a farm in Scotland can also be a great way to get superb recommendations for walks, local eateries, cycle rides and other things to do that might not leap out of a guidebook for you. The farmers are country people and know all there is to know about enjoying it.

For further information about taking a farm holiday in Scotland, take a look at Farm Stay UK – a site dedicated to finding you accommodation on a farm.