Free Attractions in Edinburgh

Free Edinburgh Tourist Attractions

Edinburgh is brilliant for tourist attractions with loads of places to spend your time and your money. Lots of visitors to Edinburgh though are on a budget and all these £8 or £9 entrance fees do add up. So here are a few free Edinburgh tourist attractions to make a visit to Edinburgh a little bit more manageable.

National Museum

This is a fantastic free attraction in Edinburgh. The National Museum is a delightful blend of old and new buildings with a huge collection of articles of National and International significance. Excellent cafe and restaurant. Admission Free!

Arthur’s Seat (Holyrood Park)

OK, this one is exposed to the elements, but the summit of Arthur’s seat is the highest point in Edinburgh and is easily walkable in 30-60 minutes by most people in good health. The views from the top are exceptional. In Paris or New York you have to spend a fair whack to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower or Empire State. In Edinburgh you get the best view in the city for nothing. Admission Free!

Gallery of Modern Art

Superb Modern Art Gallery just on the edge of the Dean Village in Edinburgh’s west end. From the manicured, scuplted grounds to the regularly changing exhibits, the whole gallery is well worth visiting. Admission Free!

Scottish Parliament

Visit the seat of government in Scotland. You have to pay if you want the guided tour, but you can visit and have a look around for nothing. You can even sit in the public gallery and watch the debates going on. Admission Free!

National Gallery

Right in the middle of Edinburgh you’ll find the superb National Gallery. They have some very important works in there and though it’s not the largest gallery in the world, some of the paintings in there will stick in your mind for a long long time. Admission Free!

Writers Museum

Hidden in a Close between the Royal Mile and The Mound you’ll find Edinburgh’s Writers Museum. Telling the story of RL Stevenson, Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and others, it is a fascinating way to while away an afternoon. Admission Free!

Museum of Childhood

Another museum off the Royal Mile, the Museum of Childhood will take everyone back to their younger years. Loved by adults and children alike. Admission Free!

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