Cheap Hotels in Glasgow

Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city and is loved by tourists and is always pretty busy.  As such it can be tricky to find a cheap Glasgow hotel room. There are however plenty of options for the budget conscious traveller to Glasgow.

Cheap Glasgow hotel rooms

First off, if you are flying to Glasgow, then look to see if you can get a good deal bundled with your flight. Sites like Travelocity and Expedia are pretty good at providing offers like this. Be sure and compare these rates though with standard rates for booking directly with the hotels. What seems like a bargain might not always be so.

Here are two searches I always do when searching for a Glasgow hotel:

  • – a site with lots of Glasgow hotels listed and some genuinely good deals. Well worth taking the time to browse through their whole list.
  • at HolidayScotland – we’ve integrated’s excellent hotel finder system into our own website so you can find their best Glasgow hotels.

Try to find a cheap hotel away from the Centre of Glasgow

Glasgow is quite spread out. Chances are you are going to be looking for a central hotel, but Glasgow has an excellent public transport system so staying out in the West End or further afield should not impact greatly on your ability to get around. Hotels like the Holiday Inn Express by Glasgow Airport can often represent good value for money.

Try a guest house instead of a cheap hotel in Glasgow

When searching for a cheap Glasgow hotel, consider looking at guest houses too. Guest houses can often provide everything that a hotel provides but at a cheaper price. Many guest houses in Glasgow are friendlier than hotels but still offer all the facilities of a hotel, perhaps on a smaller scale. You often couldn’t tell the difference between a guest house and a hotel, especially with the larger ones.

Know when to go to Glasgow to get a cheap hotel room

Glasgow isn’t hampered quite as much as Edinburgh is when it comes to hotels being fully booked. Hogmanay, during the Celtic Connections festival in January or anytime there is a big football match on could prove more difficult to find a good cheap Glasgow hotel.

Once you’ve decided on your hotel, have a look at things to do in Glasgow .