Things to do in Aberdeen

Aberdeen HarbourThe Granite City is a fantastic bustling place and a great city to visit for a shopping trip, a bit of sightseeing or the nightlife. There are loads of great things to do in Aberdeen.

The Winter Gardens and Duthie Park is one of Aberdeen’s more popular attractions. The park winds along the banks of the River Dee and is a very pleasant place for a walk. The Winter Gardens make a very welcome stop on a winters day for a tour round the glass houses full of amazing plants.

Wandering down to the River Dee from the park, you might be lucky enough to see some rowers out practising on the river. Not a site you see very often in Scotland.

Aberdeen city centre boasts a fantastic shopping street in Union Street, with lots of great shops and a couple of shopping centres leading off it. Not surprisingly, Aberdeen’s nightlife is very much found around here to and Union St can often seem as busy with people at midnight as it does at midday.

Aberdeen boasts a host of museums and art galleries to visit. Amongst them are Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen Maritime Museum, Provost Skene’s House and the Tolbooth. Each of them focuses on a different aspect of Aberdeen’s past and culture and all are very fine public buildings.

A trip to the city should be accompanied by a trip to the beach. Aberdeen beach might not be at a lattitude where you’re going to find yourself sunbathing very often, but it’s a lovely stretch of coastline with parks, amusements and a walkway all the way along.

And while on the maritime subject, it can’t be ignored that Aberdeen is a major sea port and a visit to the docks area can result in some fantastic photos for a visitor to Aberdeen looking for something to do.

Aberdeen University and Robert Gordon’s give the town it’s academic status and a walk through the old town and university buildings is another great thing to do in this northern city.

Aberdeen is also known for it’s football team and a visitor might be able to get his hands on a ticket to see the Don’s playing at Pitoddrie on the North side of the city.

Transport to Aberdeen is easy with good road links to the south, a bus station, railway station and an airport.

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