Crieff Hotels, B&B Accommodation in Crieff

We’ve got an excellent selection of Crieff Hotels and Crieff B&B accommodation. At the heart of Strathearn, Crieff has long been a tourist destination and as such has a good selection of hotels and guest houses.

Crieff Accommodation


Merlindale is a classic Crieff B&B, centrally located and very popular.


Knock Castle Hotel & Spa

Knock castle is a very highly rated hotel and restaurant in Crieff. It’s undergone extensive improvements in recent years and gets rave reviews.


Crieff Hydro Hotel and Leisure Resort

Crieff Hydro is the best known hotel in Crieff but to call it just a hotel is somewhat of a misnomer. Crieff Hydro is hotel, cabins, self catering, golf, adventure sports, fine dining, horse riding, relaxation and more.


Newstead Bed And Breakfast

This Crieff Accommodation is in a traditional Victorian villa not far from the Hydro hotel and all its facilities.


James Cottage Guest House

James Cottage is a popular B&B close to the centre of Crieff and within easy reach of lots of facilities.


Comelybank Guesthouse

Comelybank is a welcoming Crieff B&B near the centre of town.


Murraypark Hotel

The Murraypark is a sister hotel to Crieff Hydro but has a lot more relaxed atmosphere and is more of a hunting lodge style hotel.


Galvelmore House B&B

Galvelmore House is bang in the middle of Crieff and has a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


The Crieff Hotel

Crieff Hotel is the only hotel welcoming visitors in the town centre. It offers a good selection of rooms and restaurant facilities within walking distance of everything in the town.


At The Willows B&B

This 4 star B&B is a few miles east of Crieff in the picturesque hamlet of New Fowlis.


The Rowans Bed and Breakfast

The Rowans is also in New Fowlis.