10 Reasons to Take a Holiday in Scotland

If you’re considering taking a vacation in Scotland, here’s some reasons you might go ahead and book now:

1. Stunning Scenery – really, we keep making lists of top vacation destinations in the world and usually because of the scenery.

2. Edinburgh – Not only is at a mecca for the arts, it is one of the most stunning cities in the World. Small, easy to get round and loads to do there.

3. We do golf, big time. Invented here, played here, followed the world over. If you do take your vacation in Scotland and play a bit yourself, make sure you keep a few hours free for a round. Loads of golf clubs have clubs you can hire so you don’t need to worry about bringing your own.

Reasons to holiday in Scotland

4. Like beaches? Done. Like beaches with mountainous backdrops? Done. Like cold water surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing etc? Come do it in Scotland (just bring a good wetsuit).

5. Castle heaven. If you like your days out to old and gnarly buildings full of dust and ghosts we’ll keep you going for months. Scotland could be vacation central for the avid castle hunter.

6. Mountain Biking vacation? If you plan to rely on your own steam to rattle you round, Scotland’s got a national cycle network spanning the entire country with mountain biking centres dotted around the country. Or leave your bike at home and hire one at any of the centres, including Fort William where you can ride the tracks that the pros ride in the MTB world championships.

7. Wildlife spotting. Deer, otters, eagles, ospreys, whales, dolphins, salmon, wildcats, Glaswegians – you’ll find them all in Scotland and for the most part, none of them are going to eat you. (The meanest critter out there is definitely the midge – and they will eat you!)

8. Island hopping. A romantic vacation in Scotland has to include a bit of island hopping. Take a ferry to Arran or Mull, or Skye and then another and another. Do it with a bike and make it a really memorable vacation.

9. Trace your roots. A genealogy vacation to Scotland might not be top of everyones list but more and more people are tracing their roots back here from all around the planet. Who knows, you might be related to Rob Roy Macgregor or William Wallace.

10. The people. On your trip to Scotland you’ll meet loads of fantastic characters and individuals. They might help you, tell a tall tale or wind you up but they will make your vacation memorable.