10 Top Reasons to Take a Family Holiday in Scotland

1. Breastfeeding is legal everywhere. If you are nursing a young ‘un it is illegal to ask you to stop, no matter where you are.

2. Smoking is banned in all enclosed public spaces. You can take your kids to a cafe or restaurant, a shopping mall or anywhere else under cover in Scotland and not worry about second hand smoke.

3. Baby change facilities are widely available.

4. Lots of family hotels like Crieff Hydro welcome kids

5. The weather is not too hot for a summer holiday with children

6. There are loads of outdoor activities to motivate and inspire children

7. Loads of family visitor attractions like Edinburgh Zoo, Our Dynamic Earth etc.

8. Lots of indoor activities for when the weather is foul like Glasgow Science Centre.

9. Lots of hotels have a room monitoring service, allowing you to put the kids to sleep then sneak down for a romantic dinner for two.

10. Compact Size. The relatively small size of Scotland makes it ideal for travelling with kids as they never have to spend too long in the car.